Upcoming Project on Runway 9/27

The continued reconstruction of Taxiway B includes the replacement of the High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRL) for Runway 9/27 and the in-ground lighting cans and electrical cabling for the runway lights, as well as the Distance-To-Go markers.

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New Improvements Underway

Residents of Winnebago County have been hearing about the proposed Taxiway B reconstruction project for many months, and have probably been wondering if and when the project is ever going to happen.

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Making a Difference

Minor Improvements Make a Big Difference

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Hangar C Overhaul

The crew of Wittman Regional Airport recently completed an overhaul of the electrical wiring and lighting in the C Hangar complex on the airport’s north side. Recent  advances in lighting technologies, and the overall need to update the electrical service to each hangar to better accommodate other devices needed to support tenants’ aircraft necessitated the work on this complex, which was constructed in 1980.

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It took over ten years of discussions, negotiations, ideas and presentations to reach the pinnacle, but the milestone of breaking ground for the new Oshkosh Aviation Business Park was finally accomplished on Thursday, September 4.

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Airventure 2014

The 10,000 visiting airplanes have flown home but the impact of EAA AirVenture resonates through the city of Oshkosh all year. EAA AirVenture, the largest annual event held in Winnebago County and the largest aviation convention anywhere in the world, experienced a more than 5 percent jump in attendance over 2013’s numbers as the flying world celebrated innovation, achievement and the value of general aviation.

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Wittman Rehabilitation Project

1. Terminal & FBO Ramp Rehabilitation. Areas of the terminal and FBO ramps, particularly in the areas of the Basler FBO office (original airline terminal), had failed concrete panels that were sunk, cracked, and the subsurface failed. 

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Because our blog functions as the airport’s official newspaper, we see it as our link to the community, a place to share some of the fun stories as well as those about how the hard work of everyone on the airport affects the 169,000 people who live within Winnebago County here in east central Wisconsin.


OSH Students

Sometimes those events can transport readers beyond Winnebago County too … way past. Each year, for instance, hundreds of thousands of people from dozens of countries around the world make the trek to our airport to create AirVenture, the biggest air show in the United States. To them, Oshkosh is a well-known aviation word.

And now it’s your turn – if you’re a student – to take part in an aviation experience, a chance to tell us your story in the annual Wittman Regional Airport-sponsored student writing contest. You just need to tell us in 500 words or less.

Contest Guidelines

We truly believe a part of our role in the community is to encourage young people to not simply express themselves in writing (no, it’s not a lost art), but to also convince them that taking a look at the aviation industry as they grow up is so worth the time.

If you’re a student — or one of their teachers — here’s what we’d like you to think about as you create your contest entry.

Your story must relate to aviation of course, but the actual perspective is up to you. Tell us about the first time you climbed aboard an airplane, or maybe the last time you did. Tell us about your adventure on the grounds during the airshow or the first time you flew a model airplane. Maybe you have a relative who’s tied to aviation somehow … talk to them and tell us what you learned. There are really no limitations … except that you have only 500 words to tell us.

The Rules

Writers can enter in only one category appropriate to their grade  4-6, 7-8 or 9-12. Specifically, you must reside within Winnebago County Wisconsin on the day you submit your entry, which is due to us no later than 6 p.m. April 17. Your entry must be submitted electronically in a Word or generic text format.

It will really help us keep things organized if you’ll make sure your name is part of the filename you send and also add the words “Airport Writing Contest” into the subject line of your e-mail. On the first page of your story or essay, please type your name, the name of your school, your teacher’s name, your grade and your home telephone number. Important too, don’t forget to give your entry a title … something that helps us understand what your story’s about.

Judging: Winners will be notified by April 28, 2014. Our judges are all working journalists, so remember check your spelling before submitting your entry. The best way to be sure your story works well is to try reading it out loud to someone before you send it in.

And here’s the best part … the prizes: This year’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category will receive a certificate like the example here awarded to a past winner. Except of course, we’ll add your name, the title of your entry and the school you attend. Other prizes include a $50 Visa gift card for each 1st place winner, a $35 Visa gift card for each 2nd place winner and a $20 Visa gift card for each 3rd place winner. And of course, all winning entries will be published on the airport website for everyone around the community to admire.

So get busy today and don’t miss that April 17th deadline. If you have questions after you read these guidelines, your teacher should be able to help.

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Aviation Committee Meeting

Airport Conference Room - 8:30 am

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Aviation Committee Meeting

Airport Conference Room - 8 am

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