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Matt Scales, the historian who tracked down the C-47 that led the main D-Day paratroop drops to Basler Turbo Conversions, shared his latest discoveries about his historic airplane.

“I found out that while it did lead the main force, we had the name of the aircraft wrong. The name of the aircraft was That’s All—Brother. We discovered this fact when we came across this footage of the C-47 taking off from Greenham Common,” writes Scales. Starting at 2:30 you can see paratroopers boarding C-47 92847, and watch That’s All Brother taxi out for its flight into history.

With open logbooks and ledgers strategically situated around his office, Operations Manager Tim Brooks spends his second week on the job digging into the FBO and learning about the community it serves for the new owner of Orion Flight Services.

“I work for Eastern Aviation Fuels,” which is located in New Bern, North Carolina, said Brooks. The national marketer for Shell’s aviation fuels, its dealer network includes more than 400 FBOs nationwide. Shell’s new unleaded aviation fuel will be on tap would be on tap in Oshkosh as soon as the FAA approves it.

When the call comes, the 54th Civil Support Team of the Wisconsin National Guard never knows what threat it faces. It could be chemical, biological, or radioactive, said the commander of the 22-soldier unit, Lt. Col. David W. May. In simple terms, he added, “we’re the state’s hazmat team for weapons of mass destruction.”

Regularly breeding new, bright yellow airplanes from its tidy three-hangar hive on the east side of Wittman Regional Airport, Sonex Aircraft has sustained and supported fun flying worldwide with its economical, efficient kit aircraft since 1998.

The newest member of the family is the SubSonex, a single-seat jet. With its testing and development complete, it leaves the e-Flight Initiative, which is developing a practical, electric-powered sport airplane,  as the sole resident of the Hornets’ Nest, the company’s research and development area.

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