Oshkosh, WI!

Dimensions: 3061 x 75 ft / 933 x 23 m
Surface: Asphalt, in fair condition

Runways 13/31 and 04/22 Have Heavy Cracking and Vegetation Growing Through Runway SFC, Full Length
Weight Bearing Capacity: Single Wheel: Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity for Any Aircraft is 50,000 lbs
Latitude: 43-59.474887N 43-59.154878N
Longitude: 088-33.581745W 088-33.042892W
Elevation: 781.7 ft 781.1 ft
Gradient: 0.1% 0.1%
Traffic Pattern: Left Left 
Runway Heading: 132 Magnetic,
129 True 
312 Magnetic,
309 True 
Markings: Basic
In Fair Condition
In Fair Condition 
Runway End Identifier Lights:  No No 
Touchdown Point:  Yes, No Lights Yes, No Lights 
Obstructions:  55 ft Tree,
1600 ft from Runway,
200 ft Leftt of Centerline,
25:1 Slope to Clear
17 ft Pole,
590 ft from Runway,
60 ft Right of Centerline,
22:1 Slope to Clear