The crew of Wittman Regional Airport recently completed an overhaul of the electrical wiring and lighting in the C Hangar complex on the airport’s north side. Recent  advances in lighting technologies, and the overall need to update the electrical service to each hangar to better accommodate other devices needed to support tenants’ aircraft necessitated the work on this complex, which was constructed in 1980.


The original single lamp fixture supporting a 100 watt incandescent light bulb was replaced with a bank of fluorescent lights, nearly doubling the amount of lumens while reducing the amount of energy needed to produce the increased lighting capacity.  Additionally, a separate circuit was added to each hangar bay to support equipment such as small compressors for tire inflation, engine heaters, and power tools. Resetting popped circuit breakers will now be a thing of the past.

New LED exterior lamps were also installed to illuminate the hangar ramp area, replacing older energy-inefficient mercury vapor lamps.

Finally, the hangar complex is also receiving a new coat of paint, both on the roof (already completed in summer 2014) and the outside walls to freshen the look and protect the exposed surfaces from the elements. Crews from MJLP Drywall & Coatings LLC were contracted for this.

Hangar Complexes A and B will be updated in 2015.