1. Terminal & FBO Ramp Rehabilitation. Areas of the terminal and FBO ramps, particularly in the areas of the Basler FBO office (original airline terminal), had failed concrete panels that were sunk, cracked, and the subsurface failed. 

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) was a constant struggle to prevent, particularly with numerous turbine aircraft operating in these areas. The failed concrete areas were replaced to the base course, smaller cracked concrete areas were repaired with partial depth replacement patches, and the expansion joints were replaced throughout the entire ramp. The project was funded with FAA Airport Improvement Program funds (90%, or $722,834), WI State DOT Bureau of Aeronautics funds (5%, or $40,157.50) and Winnebago County Wittman Regional Airport funds (5% or $40,157.50). This project also included an update of the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and a complete utility plan of the airport grounds.

The primary contractor is Vinton Construction.

2. Sealcoating of runways 5/23 and 13/31. The asphaltic portions of these two runways are being sealcoated with Micro-surfacing material (http://www.micro-surfacing.com/#5), which will add an estimated 8-10 years of life to the runways before they will need to be reconstructed due to failing asphalt. Last fall the cracks in the runways were routed, sprayed to prevent further vegetation growth, and sealed prior adding the Micro-seal material. This is an 80-20 program with the State of WI DOT Bureau of Aeronautics (the BOA pays 80%, sponsor [Wittman] pays 20%). After the Micro-Seal is laid down, we have to wait at least 10 days before they can be repainted. That painting should be accomplished in early July. The primary contractor is Struck & Irwin.

3. Runway 9 VASI replacement with a PAPI. This is a 100% FAA-funded project, in which the Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI) , a two light-box landing visual aid, is being replaced with a newer Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI), which uses four small light boxes to assist in providing a pilot with more precise approach guidance to the runway. The primary contractor is Krisher Electric LLC, of Tempe, AZ.