Master Plan Project Information

Wittman Regional Airport is currently working on a Master Plan Update (MPU) with the Mead & Hunt Planning & Consultant Team. This Master Plan Update is conducted to ensure the short, medium, and long-term needs of the airport are appropriately accounted for.  Key planning areas being studied include:  runway and taxiway intersections, airfield layout, general aviation facilities, hangar development areas, equipment storage facilities, and land use planning.

​                To the right  you will find the MPU project schedule, information on current progress, and previous presentations to the Aviation Committee and Tenant Advisory Group (TAG).  The Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) is comprised of a variety of community, and airport stakeholders, who provide valuable feedback regarding the Master Plan as it progresses.

​                If you have questions or concerns regarding the Master Plan project, please feel free to contact Director Jim Schell, C.M. at 920-236-4930, or Deputy Director Charles Sweet II, C.M. at 920-236-4935

Master Plan Update Schedule

DRAFT: Chapter 1 – Inventory 

The Inventory Chapter utilizes the existing conditions and parameters in which the airport functions to determine how to best
accommodate the future needs of Wittman Regional Airport.

Draft: Chapter 1. Inventory