(Oshkosh, WI) – Supervisors of the Winnebago County Board approved three resolutions to move forward with the construction of a new General Aviation (GA) terminal facility at Wittman Regional Airport during Dec 17th’s County Board meeting.

The terminal project has been in the works for several years as operating costs of the existing terminal have risen. Two existing structures located on 20th Avenue will be replaced by a single, more efficient and right-sized facility to appropriately serve the airport, community, and flying public.

The current GA terminal facility, built in 1958, occupies 6,254 square feet and is operated by Basler Flight Service. The adjacent 33,000 square foot terminal was constructed in 1971 to serve commercial airline operations. Commercial airline service concluded in 2003.

Jim Schell, the Director of Wittman Regional Airport, expects to have plans finalized and submitted to the Bureau of Aeronautics and the City of Oshkosh in early 2020 with a bid opening in late April. Construction of the new GA terminal is planned to commence as early as May 2020 with completion expected approximately 13 months later. The new facility will be a single-story, 12,500 square foot building. In addition to serving general aviation air traffic, the new building will also provide space for Basler Flight Service, airport administrative offices, space for a rental car operation and meeting rooms available to the general public.

Total construction cost on the project is currently estimated at $6.8 million. Grant assistance from the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics will be received in the amount of $1.8 million with the remaining balance being funded by the county. The total investment includes demolition of both existing facilities, site work and paving for a new parking lot, constructing the new GA terminal and an improved access road from 20th Avenue.